The Birmingham Bar Foundation encourages and unifies the philanthropic and educational efforts of the Birmingham Bar Association for the betterment of our community and for the promotion of justice.

In furtherance of the Birmingham Bar Foundation’s mission, the Board has created a grants program. The Foundation awards grants on a rolling term.  Unfortunately, requests for funding usually exceed the amount available for grants.  Lack of approval of a grant request should not be considered a reflection upon the merits of a project or program.


Currently, the 2016 grant application process is not open. The beginning of the next grant cycle will be announced on the Birmingham Bar Foundation website.

The Birmingham Bar Foundation Grants Committee will conduct an initial review of the applications.  The Committee may require applicants to appear in person and make oral presentations.  The Committee also may require additional information regarding an applicant and/or its proposed use of the grant funds.  The Committee will present to the Birmingham Bar Foundation Board a proposed list of grant recipients along with a suggested amount of funding.

Please note that the typical Foundation grant does not exceed $10,000.  The Birmingham Bar Foundation Board will make the final decision on which grant applications to fund as well as the corresponding level of funding.  If your project requires financial support in addition to the amount granted by the Birmingham Bar Foundation in order to be accomplished, you must provide a letter of funding from the other entity(ies) pledging that financial support.  Absence of such documentation will entitle the Birmingham Bar Foundation to rescind, cancel or terminate the grant.
If approved for a grant, the organization will receive half of the grant award and must submit a mid-year report.  Once the mid-year report is received and reviewed, the grantee will receive the remainder of the approved grant award.  The grantee must also submit a year-end report.  Failure to submit the mid-year and year-end reports will impact consideration of future grant applications and awards for an organization.

The Birmingham Bar Foundation reserves the right to make changes to its grant program and to discontinue giving grants to a grantee that fails to conform to any grant-related requirements.


The Birmingham Bar Foundation provides funding for projects that further its mission through programs and services that address the following:

  • Access to Justice Programming
  • The promotion and/or improvement of the administration of justice
  • The promotion of the public’s awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the rule of law, the practice of law, the court system, and individuals’ rights and responsibilities under the law

Additionally, please include with your mailed or hand-delivered copy of the application a one-page cover letter briefly summarizing the request, a copy of the organization’s IRS determination letter indicating that it is tax-exempt under IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) and a copy of IRS Form 990 and audited financial statements for the most recent year. If you have any questions concerning the grant application process, please call Executive Director, Nikki Tucker Thomas, at (205) 251-2231 or e-mail her at

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