Established in 1994, the Birmingham Bar Foundation (BBF) encourages and unifies the philanthropic and educational efforts of the Birmingham Bar Association for the betterment of our community and for the promotion of justice.

For 20 years, the Foundation has made a difference by investing in the needs of children and families through grant awards to nonprofit organizations that offer access to justice and civic and legal education enrichment. The Foundation engages in charitable activities including projects that advocate and advance jury service, combat domestic violence, and promote public awareness about the judicial system and the role of lawyers in creating a fair and just society. Additionally, through partnerships with the various sections and committees of the Birmingham Bar Association, the Foundation furthers its mission to help others.

Attorneys truly believe in and understand the importance of giving, and it is because of the generosity of Birmingham’s legal community that the Foundation can support programs and services to improve the quality of life in the greater Birmingham area.